4 Reasons Why A Brazilian Themed Party Stands Out

  4 Reasons Why A Brazilian Themed Party Stands Out

One of the reasons why you want to host a party is to give guests a great time and a Brazilian themed party can give you exactly just that! Choosing to put a livelier twist to your party can help give your guests a one-of-a-kind party that they will talk about long after the party is over. This will make them look forward to the next event that you are hosting.

It certainly feels good to have people anticipating your next social event knowing they will have a grand time. With all these, how exactly does a Brazilian themed party make your event stand out from the rest? It is no secret that a Brazilian party is a stylish, exciting, and colorful one full of passion and mystique. If you want to know why it is a big hit, here are a few of reasons to look into.

Expect a lively party

Brazil is equivalent to bold and loud colours ranging from oranges to vibrant reds, and even pinks. This is one of the first things you will notice when your party is inspired by the Brazilian way of life. The decor is one of the important pillars of the party as it puts your guests in the mood for a few hours of fun and enjoyment. Props will be able to help you convey that lively theme with colourful carnival backdrops to palm trees, and even brightly coloured flowers and plants.

Mouthwatering food is a Brazilian themed party trademark

Probably the only thing that can rival the liveliness of a Brazilian themed party is the food that is offered to guests. For one, Brazilian BBQ is almost a religion all on its own. The popularity and the reach, as well as the people who love the Brazilian way of cooking BBQ, is just unbelievable. The way choice cuts of meat are skewered and grilled for hours with carefully selected wood to bring out the flavor.

In many instances, dining in a churrascaria is an experience you will never forget. As you sit in your chair watching the servers carry delectable and perfectly grilled meat, you can’t wait for them to slice off a portion onto your plate. As you sample one savory meat after the other, you get to taste how the meat and the salt and the smoke all come together to create a delicious feast.

Once you endeavour on a Brazilian party, the food becomes embedded with the theme. You can choose to provide smaller samples of the dishes in order for your guests to get a taste from a variety of flavours. This can consist of Feijoada, Picanha meat which is the best cut of meat when it comes to Brazilian BBQ, Shrimp Moqueca, and even Stuffed crab shells and Cheese bread. You can contact us here to find out more about the many wonderful options you have for food for a Brazilian themed party.

The music will make you move

For some events, the music is just there to fill in and play some nice melodies in the background. However, that is not the way a Brazilian themed party is made up. The music, much like the food and the ambiance is a critical part of the event. The music is not just a fill-in but an important component of the whole party.

It can vary from relaxing Bossa Nova music to put you in the mood for a slow dance with your loved ones to a lively Samba to dance the night away. This helps you burn off all those calories that you had from the sumptuous feast. Dancing also gives you a valid reason to come up for seconds on the buffet line.

The signature Brazilian drink

Much like the mojitos popularized by Cuba, Brazil has its own signature drink - the Caipirinhas! Dubbed as the nation’s national cocktail according to GQ, having one in your party will transport you into the heart of a Brazilian party. As most Brazilians would say, the ingredient that sets the Caipirinhas aside from other drinks is the Cachaça or the liquor from cane sugar.

As you plan for your next event, choosing to have a Brazilian themed party will be a great way to make a lasting impression on your guests and to have a wonderful time with the people close to you.

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