What Makes Brazilian BBQ Unique

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Brazilian BBQ is arguably one of the tastiest meals you would ever have in your lifetime. Part of the reason why is that the culture is a diverse and colorful one that it translates into rich and great tasting food. This is one of the reasons why doing a BBQ the Brazilian way always hits the spot.

Here are a few more of the reasons why a Brazilian BBQ is quite unique from other methods.


The history behind the Brazilian way of BBQ dates back to how the skillful Cowboys or Gauchos would prepare the meat. They would, later on, use their knife to slowly peel away portions and share the same with the people they are eating with. As they took care of their cattle, this has been the way of eating and sharing food with one another. This method of cooking and sharing cuts of meat is the foundation of how modern restaurants or churrascarias offer Brazilian BBQ.

Large portions

If you have a big appetite, BBQ done the Brazilian way is best for you. The hearty portions of sliced meat on your plate never stop. The generous serving is a trademark of how filling a Brazilian meal is.

Quality Meat

Tasty food coming from the rodizio emanates from the type of meat being cooked. Only high-quality and even special cuts of meat are skewered and cooked to be served to customers. Of course, the salt of the type of wood comes into play but the meat is at the center of it all.

Brazilian BBQ is not complete without the picanha which is the prime sirloin that slides off the skewer and melts in your mouth. There are also other types of meat being served. It can be the top sirloin or alcatra, rump steak or maminha, and even the beef short ribs or Costela de Ripa.

The flank steak or Fraldinha is also a popular choice as well as the Chuleta or T-bone steak and the short rib Costela. For variety, you can take the Presunto which is a dry-cured ham, pork loin or Lombo de porco, and even the Linguiça or pork sausage.

Cooked perfectly

If you have ever visited a churrascaria, you might notice how hectic it can be. This is because the slow-grilling Brazilian BBQ style of cooking is paramount as it helps produce best-tasting meat. Apart from the cuts and types of meat, you can have your food mal passado or rare, a ponto para mal or medium rare, a ponto or medium, a ponto para bem or medium well and even ben passado or well done.

Food served the right way

The meat sliding off the skewers and onto your plate is just a great way of letting you know how freshly cooked your food is. As you use your tongs to pick it out of the skewer onto your plate, you can never run out of options as the waiters go around offering a variety of options.

Brazilian BBQ is one of the most unique dining experience you will ever have from the type of meat to the way it is cooked and even to the method it is served onto your plates. The whole experience is just something you will enjoy from start to finish. Get in touch with us here to know more about Brazilian BBQ and how to incorporate it in your next event!