5 Top Tips to Plan the Perfect Event

5 Top Tips to Plan the Perfect Event

There is no doubt that putting together that one perfect event is a challenging task. Regardless if it is a one-off event or something that you would be doing on a regular basis, event planning and management is quite a big hurdle to climb. However, the rewards at the end are great. You get to see smiles and happy faces across the room and you accomplish what you set out to do.

If you are currently planning for that perfect event, here are a few pro tips that would come in handy.

Clearly define the event objective

This needs to be the first thing you have to do as it dictates all the steps you would be taking on during the whole planning process. The simplest question to ask is why you are putting together the event and what you want to accomplish with it? Are you doing it for yourself, for a family member, a friend, or even a client? Is it for a birthday, anniversary, or even a wedding? Having a clear understanding of your event objective would help you craft your next steps especially your budget. It dictates all of the requirement you need to have to pull off that perfect event.

Make it unique

As you now know your main objective, one great way to look at it is to make it as unique as possible. Give the guests the time of their life and make it an event worth remembering. With this in mind, there are a number of things you have to carefully look into. For one, the venue has to be spot on and in line with the type of event you are organising. Food will also play a big part with the overall experience of your guests. It has to be in line with the event, the theme, and even the preference of the party host. One tip to remember is to consider what guests can and cannot eat. This is where allergy and even religious considerations come into play. BBQ catering can be a great option to accomodate all guests as well as offer something truely unique.

Have a list

As you plan for your perfect event, it is best to have a list rather than trying to mentally take note of everything. Even if you are gifted with a great memory, the stress and the sheer amount of details to keep in mind could take its toll on you and you start to forget things. Having a master list for the event as well as daily or weekly tasks that you need to accomplish leading to the event can be a great help. It makes your feel good to be able to tick off items on the list and hypes you up to accomplish the next one.

Plan B

It is a fact of life that you will never know what tomorrow brings. If could be sunny today and raining tomorrow. With this in mind, planning for that perfect event means you need to have a Plan B. You need to have a contingency plan for most, if not all your event details. From being able to move the outdoor event indoor in case of inclement weather to having a stand-by photographer in case the one you hired cancels hours before the event. It is something you wish you would not use but definitely a lifesaver if things go south.

Vet suppliers

There are times that you start to plan for big events and as such, you would have to reach out and take the services of a number of suppliers. It can be from sounds and lighting to food suppliers and even photographers and videographers to cover the event. In all these, you need to make sure that you only work with the best. Do not always go with the ones that have the lowest contract, look into each of them and take a look at their track record.

Bonus tip: Assess and learn to put together the perfect event

After putting together your perfect event, it is a good idea to get the working team together and just go through and see what you can learn from that event moving forward. This makes you and your team a lot stronger and wiser the next time around. It is also a good idea to send out handwritten “thank you” notes to all those that made the event a success.