BBQ Fish Better With These 5 Tips

BBQ Fish Better With These 5 Tips

There is no question that trying to BBQ fish is one of trickiest things to do on a grill. It has left many people wondering how they would be able to cook the fish well and keep it together at the same time. That “melts-in-your-mouth” fish coupled with a crispy golden skin remains an elusive output for a lot of people. As intimidating as grilling fish is, there are a number of tips you can look into. Fish can be delicate to handle but there are ways to come out with that perfect BBQ fish meal.

Tip No. 1 - Start off with a clean grate

Even before you start to think about the skin and what fish and how to flavour it, start with cleaning your grill grate. This is because if there are bits left on your grill coming from the last thing you cooked, it tends to stick to the fish and it then falls apart. A wire brush is a good start and you can finish it off with a paper towel.

If you seem to be having problems taking them out, one way to do it is to fire up the grill and put aluminium foil on top. The heat should break down those hard to get bits and dissolve them in the process. You can easily follow it up with a good brushing and a clean towel after. Another tip to BBQ fish is to oil the grate to help prevent the fish from sticking and breaking apart especially when you start flipping them over.

TIP 2 - Score the skin

If you want to evenly cook the fish inside and out, you can score the fish. This simply means making shallow cuts on the fish ideally perpendicular to the backbone. Do it on both sides so flipping them over will have the same effect in grilling. You can make deep cuts near the head where the meat is thicker and shallower towards the tail. An additional tip is that scoring also works for other BBQ items because it makes flavour absorption better and can even drain fat from meat.

TIP 3 - BBQ fish away from the heat

Indirect heat is your best friend when choosing to BBQ fish as even Martha Stewart explains. As you choose medium heat, it also has to be steady and consistent. Too much heat would cause the skin to burn and the inside raw. You might also want to put the tail further away from the heat as it tends to cook right away. An additional tip is if you are grilling fillets rather than whole fish, do it skin-side down first. Once it is golden, turn it over to cook the other side. Do not forget to put in your flavours as well like herbs or secret ingredients when grilling. This makes the BBQ fish taste even better.

TIP 4 - Skin on

Keeping the skin on will help you keep the fish together when you start flipping it over. Of course, tougher skinned types like salmon and even halibut are eaten best without the skin. What you can do is just take them off after you grill them.

TIP 5 - Different ways to BBQ fish

You might be trying to figure out how to BBQ your fish apart from just letting them lie down on the grill. One using a packet to steam the fish. You can use foil or even soaked newspaper to steam the fish to keep it soft and moist. You can also look into a fish basket when grilling fish. This helps prevent the fish from flaking and you get to flip the fish much easier.

One tip is to use a plank of wood to grill your fish. You do need to soak it in water first for about two hours before putting on the fish and covering the grill. If you are trying to put some variations in your fish by adding some shrimp and scallops, you can skewer them so you can grill them easier and they do not fall in between the grill.

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