Top 5 Brazilian BBQ Essentials

Skewered Brazilian BBQ

As soon as start talking about Brazilian BBQ, you would be entering the delicious hearty meal that surrounds a whole new culture. Referred to as Churrasco, BBQ done the Brazilian way introduces you to flavours that enrich your soul. This style of cooking has been around since the Cowboys (Gauchos) started herding cattle in the Rio Grande do Sul and found a way to create a whole new style of cooking.

Churrasco is a way of life and as proof, there is even a statue of a man in Nova Brescia, which is Brazil’s barbecue capital, who is cooking bbq. As you dive in ready to get a taste of authentic Brazilian BBQ, here are the 5 key things you would need to make that happen.

The beef

You can pick out prime ribs, lamb kebabs, and even Portuguese-style sausages called linguica. However, you need to remember that you do not need expensive cuts of meat to get a taste of mouth-watering BBQ. The trick is looking for fat marblings evenly spread throughout the meat. It is also a good idea to have one layer of fat on one side of the meat. This helps with the flavour as you skewer them later on. In fact even GQ explains that fat adds flavor to burgers - what more for BBQ? 

Coarse salt

When you talk about Churrasco, the flavour of the BBQ comes from the meat, the smoke, and the salt. There are some people who use food-grade ice cream salt but any coarse salt will do. Press the salt evenly throughout and coat the meat in salt. You can let it sit for a few minutes to help the meat absorb the salt. Don’t worry about the big chunks of the coarse salt as it would seep into the meat as it cooks. To keep the meat moist, a salt-water baste can help.

The skewer

As you start cooking, you need to now put the meat on skewers. Much like brave knights in the past, you use that sword and stick it into the meat. Of course, the skewers do not have sharp edges but it should help you hold the meat over the fire as it cooks. When you have several layers for the skewers, put the fatty meats on top. The reason for this is that the juices would drip down and put more flavour on the other meat.

Hardwood natural lump charcoal

Brazilian BBQ uses wood so it would be nice to forego chemically-bound briquettes and even propane in cooking. Hardwood should be your go-to option for BBQ which is usually oak. There are some instances when Cherry wood is great as it gives a nice colour to the meat. You can even put Pecan into the mix because it burns slowly. Just be mindful of the amount as it can be a little pungent.

A Brazilian BBQ fire pit

Last but not least, you need a firepit to do all the cooking. You need to look at the thickness of your beef so you know how to put together your firepit. The last thing you need is a meat with a burnt outer part but raw on the inside. Elevate the skewers from the fire if you see that the outside is turning golden in the first few minutes.

A Brazilian BBQ is one of the tastiest meals you will ever have in your life and as such, you need to have all the ingredients on hand when making one. As a bonus, grilling pineapples is also a big part of the churrasco as it helps you with digestion, that's why we offer it as an extra for our BBQ catering packages. Enjoy some delicious barbecued pineapple and cinnamon at your next event!